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Christian Science Monitor “Louis Nichole’s designs have taken on heroic proportions and have catapulted him into unexpected fame...a modern day anachronism. Louis is the man for the Christmas season. He and Christmas have left an indelible mark on each other.”

The Advocate “Louis Nichole, designer, author, master craftsman, singer/songwriter and raconteur extraordinaire is a Roman candle of energy going off in a dozen directions at once.”

Good Housekeeping Magazine  “ What do you say about a designer who has won 8 International Design Awards, has been featured in almost every newspaper, magazine, and TV talk show across the country? What does he do for an encore?”

President and Mrs. Carter “ Louis Nichole’s party dress for Amy turned her into a fairy tale princess…. and his linens and fabrics will make settings for state occasions more beautiful always. Louis’ magnificent presentation of Christmas was an outstanding contribution to the White House and evokes raves from everyone.”

Sunday Call Chronicle  “Louis Nichole is the renaissance man of interior design. He is witty, meticulous, precocious, brilliant, talented, and internationally recognized”.

Bride’s Magazine “Louis Nichole sings and tap dances his way into the hearts of the American public.  He brings romance with a sense of humor.”

House Beautiful  “Old World Craftsmanship with attention to detail and romance is the imprimatur of Louis Nichole. This highly creative designer has given us a reason to invest in the future with his heirloom Christmas decorations and ornaments.”

The New York Times Louis Nichole and Dr Ralph Giuliano sing like 2 Pavorotti’s.

It takes the village of San Lupo, Italy to fill Nichole’s home in CT.

London Times “ The fresh approach & design renewing the elegant look of old Europe, that is now the talk of the town, is the artistry of an American - Louis Nichole. Astounding, this historic, romantic image that makes such a perfect statement, comes to us not from Europe- But America.”

“W”   Women’s Wear Daily “Paris High Chic.”

ABC “Nichole’s signature is the fine balance of disparate elements, which when put together, create the shadow of his style.”

Indianapolis Star  “ Louis Nichole’s designs are simply the fairytale of a  microchip world.”



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