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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and elegant queen, but she was frivolous and uncaring of here people. Her husband was no better than she.
They had a son, however, who was kind gentle and romantic, and who “of course” ….had a flair for writing songs with "royalty in mind"
After many years of hardships and cruelties, the people of the country rose up in a great revolution and captured the king and queen. The queen knew that she and her husband would die, and she feared for her son’s life. She asked that her captors grant her one last request, and they did. She wanted her court jester to be brought to her. Everyone thought that he was just a silly fool, but the queen knew that he was really a magician with marvelous powers.
Time Machine
When the jester came before her, she begged him to save her son’s life. The jester was one of the people however and really didn’t care too much for the queen, but agreed to grant her dying wish. He told her that he would place her son in his wonderful time machine along with all his musical compositions and send him forward into the 21st century when the people would urgently need “ a young man who was kind, gentle and romantic….. and who of course, had a flair for writing songs with "royalty in mind."
The queen died happy, and her son lived happily ever after with all the songs that he had brought with him and sold to recording artists and record companies.





The Moral of the story

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